Surprise Endings - The Cupcake Library
P 1,070.00
1st Optional Add On

Surprise Endings

Hard to put down, these cupcakes are made extra special by their surprise fillings. Php 1070.00 per dozen. Flavors are by the dozen. 


Deep Dark Secret

Dark chocolate cupcakes with a molten, dark chocolate truffle center. Frosted with a rich ganache frosting. 

Queen of Hearts

Vanilla cupcakes filled with champagne strawberries and cream, topped with white chocolate buttercream and fresh strawberry slices.

Cookie Mad

Cookie flavoured cupcakes filled with eggless-so-its-safe-to-eat, raw chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with cookie dough buttercream and a chocolate chip cookie.


Rich chocolate hazelnut cupcakes filled with Nutella and hazelnuts, topped with chocolate ganache and more chopped hazelnuts.

  • Accessorize and embellish your cupcakes with our hand-crafted, fondant toppers! Add an additional Php 250.00 to your order for a dozen toppers.
  • Applicable for Metro Manila delivery only 
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